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Updated on 21.8.2005

See Motel Port below.

The City of Koper will update their web pages (

Foreign students, who would like to sleep in the dorm, can contact me and book a 1/3 (1 bed in a 3 bed room) in Dijaski dom Koper, which is in the center of the OOoCon! I accept reservations until September 10th 2005. Prices:
  • Sleep + breakfast + lunch + dinner 5.900,00 SIT (26 EUR)
  • Sleep + breakfast + dinner 4.600,00 SIT (20 EUR)
  • Sleep + breakfast 3.500,00 SIT (16 EUR)
  • Sleep 2.800,00 SIT (13 EUR)
  • Breakfast 700,00 SIT (3 EUR)
  • Lunch 1.300,00 SIT (6 EUR)
  • Dinner 1.100,00 SIT (5 EUR)
Tourist tax: 242 SIT (1,10 EUR) per day per person.

Updated on 11.7.2005

We have made a deal with a tourist agency, which deals with large events and confrerences and arranges accomodation for its visitors. They have a large array of rooms and apartments to rent (prices from 9 EUR/person). There is a very nice lady working there and she will be happy to help anyone interested in finding a place to stay. If you have any questions regarding accomodation in the coastal area, you should send an email to

List of hotels, hostels, private rooms etc. in Koper - Capodistria

Here you can find accommodation information for hotels, pensions and private rooms.
Motel Port
In Motel Port you can get:
  • room 1/1 for 11.000 SIT (46 EUR) for room per night
  • room 1/2 for 11.000 SIT (46 EUR) for room per night
  • room 1/3 for 11.000 SIT (46 EUR) for room per night
  • room 1/4 for 15.500 SIT (65 EUR) for room per night
  • apartment for 18.000 SIT (75 EUR) for room per night
  • dormitory for 3.400 SIT (14 EUR) bed per person per night (the age for dormitory is limited on 35 years!)
Tourist tax 121 SIT (0,5 EUR) per person per night. Breakfast is included (from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM).
Address and contacts: Port Izola d.o.o., Ferrarska 14, Koper, PE Motel Port Ankaranska 7, Koper
Phone. reception: +386 5 639 32 60

Camps near Koper - Capodistria

If you are more adventurous type or just love camping, then maybe you could find something appropriate in the list of camps below.
    • Camp Adria in the city of Ankaran, 10 km (6,5 miles) away from Koper - Capodistria, so you would need some kind of transport. There is a bus line but a timetable isn't so great:
      Ankaran to Koper - Capodistria:

      Koper - Capodistria to Ankaran:
      One way ticket costs 200 SIT (0,8 EUR).
      Or you could use taxi, which costs 2.500 SIT (10,5 EUR) in one way - if you find 3 friends from camp, then you can get attactive price.
      More info:
      Camp Adria, turisticno podjetje d.o.o.
      Jadranska cesta 25
      6280 Ankaran
      Tel.: +386 5 663-73-50
      Fax: +386 5 663-73-60
      web page:
    • Camping Volk in the village of Osp, 15 km (10 miles) away from Koper - Capodistria, so you would need some kind of transport. (more info will follow).
      More info:
      Camping Volk
      Osp 20
      6275 Crni Kal
      Tel.: +386 5 659-26-00
      Fax: +386 5 659-25-18

Accommodation in Trieste

Consorzio alberghieri Trieste (Trieste Innkeepers Consortium).
Hostel "Tergeste".
Camping "Pian del Grisa".
Camping "Baia Sistiana".
In the first site you cand find most of the hotels and other type of accommodation in Trieste with a brief description. I suggest to write down the name of the accommodation and Google for it's official site to have a direct contact and retrieve more information.

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