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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15 Conference (OOoCon 2005)
September 28th - 30th 2005
Koper - Capodistria, Slovenia
Pretorian Palace, Tito's square 1

Participants are invited to register here.


  • OOoCon 2005 online !!!!!
    You can follow what is going on at the OOoCon2005.
    Click on the OOoCon2005 blog.

  • Public transports
    You can find timetables of public trasports to Koper-Capodistria from Ljubljana and Trieste here.

  • Shuttle arrangement
    If you are going to arrive by train or by plane, let us know your travel plan. We will try to arrange a shuttle for you !!! register your travel plan here

  • Wednesday and Thursday parties!!!!
    We are arranging evening activities opened to all registered people. People who want to meet each others into nice places, taste typical food and drinks and enjoy their staying in Koper - Capodistria, are invited to register for Wednesday or Thursday or both events.

Conference presentation is probably the fastest growing software suite in the world. Its potential is limitless, and it is seen by many as the most plausible alternative to current commercial office automation software suites (guess which). Its main advantages lie in its use of open standards and formats and in the community of developers and users that stand behind it and support it. Since 2000, when Sun Microsystems Inc. first released the source code to the public, there have been at least 42 million downloads of the application and source.

The conference, organized by the Slovenian and Italian project teams in collaboration with LUGOS (Linux User Group Of Slovenia) and LugTS (Linux User Group Trieste), follows the successes of the last two years OOoCon 2003 in Hamburg and OOoCon 2004 in Berlin and is intended to bring together all people who are interested in the development, deployment and use of the software suite. The first part of the program will cover topics such as development and in education, for those interested in the community and the project itself, whereas the last part of the conference will be focused on the end-users and the use of in public administration and enterprises.

Keynotes include those by Prof.Giancarlo Succi, who is managing the Cospa Project which is a Consortium aims at analysing the effects of the introduction of Open Data Standards (ODS) and Open Source (OS) software for personal productivity and document management in European PAs; Tim Bray, Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems and co-chair of the IETF AtomPub Working Group

For conference attendees we have a mailing list:
If you would like to chat with other attendees, subscribe by sending an empty message to If you would like to know how Koper - Capodistria is pronounced you want to listen to the welcome message (mp3) from the organizing team.

Here is a picture of OOoCon main organizers, so you will have no problem who to turn to, if you won't get everything you will ask for :-)

... and stay tuned for further information ...


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