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Schedule: Conference 2004
Wednesday, 22 September
Group Meetings
Thursday, 23 September
Keynotes; General, Development, and Community Sessions; BOFs
Friday, 24 September
General, Development, XML Sessions


Community: Thursday
Topics include:
  • State of the project
  • About the community
  • Marketing
  • The Native-Lang Confederation status
  • The open-source "tipping point"
General: Thursday, Friday
Topics include:
  • The upcoming 2.0
  • Commercializing, integrating, and supporting
  • Migration methodology, case studies of in government and business
  • Funding the project, defining the product, and extending it
  • Security and digital signatures
Development: Thursday, Friday
Topics include:
  • The source and how to work with it
  • The Roadmap
  • Tools for development
  • Integration and localization
  • UNO and what it can do
  • QA, user interface, and development processes
  • Macros and installers
XML: Friday
Topics include:
  • Introduction to XML
  • OASIS Open Office XML format
  • Examples of XML technology and potential
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