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Who are the People in the Marketing Project?
Project Leads

Project Leads are responsible for running the central activities such as maintaining a library of English-language marketing materials; recruitment of and liaison with MarCons; recruiting and encouraging new project members; liaison with other Community projects and the Community Council; central media relations and issuing Press Releases.


Marketing Contacts (MarCons) are responsible for participating in creating central resources and then adapting them to their own specialist geographies/markets. They act as liaison between the Marketing Project and any Native Language Projects key to their areas. For a list of MarCons, see here.

Project Members

Project Members are full participants in marketing discussion groups and on-line activities and are the front line troops in Project activities. Project Members may work either on central (Project Lead) or local (MarCon) marketing activities and are the fundamental resource for the promotion of Apache OpenOffice. More people start using Apache OpenOffice as a result of a personal recommendation than by any other route. People with specialist marketing skills such as market research, competitor intelligence, graphics, copywriting, translating, etc. are particularly welcomed.

For more information on these roles, see here.

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