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We need you to help the Marketing Project - and it's so easy to get started! Have a look at the Quick and Easy Marketing Activities list on the Wiki. Go on, do it now!

Find out Why Apache OpenOffice?

You're convinced about the benefits of Apache OpenOffice - but can you convince other people? Read up on Why Apache OpenOffice? and understand the three key messages:

If you are interested in marketing theory, you may be interested in reading our Strategic Marketing Plan.

Listen in to the Marketing Project at work

For day to day work, the Marketing Project works through its mailing lists, especially the Marketing list. Anyone can subscribe to the mailing list, and subscribing doesn't commit you to anything (except receiving some interesting mail). If you are curious, interested, but not quite ready yet to take the plunge and join, we suggest you subscribe by sending a blank email to You may, of course, unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to

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