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(OOo RegiCon North America)

Last Updated: 9 February 2005

The inaugural Regional Conference North America (OOo RegiCon North America) will be held 9 February 2005, Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, CA.

OOo RegiCon is hosted by the Desktop Linux Summit (DLS) and gets the DLS underway on 9 February at 1200 midday.

Registration for OOo RegiCon is included in the ticket for DLS and early bird registration has been extended to 5 Feb 2005..


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Interview with Linspire CEO Michael Robertson 4 Jan 2005

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Third-Annual Desktop Linux Summit Expands to Include Mozilla and Focus PR Newswire 4 Nov 2004


The OOoRegiCon programme includes topics about both the product and the community.

Come and listen to interesting and informative speakers, visit the booth, and meet contributors and volunteers to find out all that you need to know to make the switch to

Presentations and papers are now available.

100 Club CDROMs are required to give out to attendees (an expected audience of 1000) and funds are needed to subsidise our volunteers to travel and be accommodated for the event.

Please join the 100 Club by donating 100 CDROMs and or $100USD. For further information and current members, see the 100 Club.

If you would like to help

If you would like to assist in the organisation of OOo RegiCon, help at OOo RegiCon or staff the OOo booth as part of the DLS exhibition, subscribe to by sending mail to

See the archives for previous and ongoing discussions.

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