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The Annual Conference (OOoCon)

Join the community for the Conference (OOoCon)! This annual gathering is where representatives of all the community projects meet to celebrate and learn from the achievements of the past twelve months, and discuss how to meet the challenges of the next twelve. Come along and help the community make the world's best open-source international office suite even better.

Attendees at previous OOoCons have told us not only how much they enjoyed the conference business but also the social side too:

I think OOoCon2008 was a tremendous success. I enjoyed talking, discussing with people who I know just as names and/or ooo alias. I tried to listen, hear, and share the ideas, what project, community contributors, developers and project leads have, as far as posssible. I verified again here that face to face meeting is very important.
I returned late yesterday, and want to say sincere "Thank you" to the organizers - it was a great event, with many awesome details, and the best of it was to meet all of you in person (again, or for the first time).
Most definitely a great conference. And not just the presentations, but getting to put faces to names, and the corridor/lunch conversations were as interesting as the presentations.
This was a great conference, I am glad I could attend it. I just felt this community has so much potential and that the collaborative work are paying off to a great extent. I hope this conference make the community really value and strenghten the efforts we are currently doing as many addressed the challenges we are currently having.
We could not have been better looked after or more warmly welcomed. Like other attendees, I will be going home with fond memories of Slovenia and with renewed enthusiasm, inspired by the activities of the great people from around the world whose activites are reported at OOoCon.

Have you booked the next OooCon in your diary yet?

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