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The Art Project

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The Art Project is updating its web site.
This page is outdated, but most of its content is being worked on at the wiki:
Please follow this link and use the wiki subpages to find the information you're looking for.
If you can't find what you want to know, please contact our mailing list

Sorry for any inconvenience, we hope to finish the update as soon as possible.
- And you are welcome to help us in this area too... -


This page holds the Maintenance Tasks for the Art Project.
(If you are interested in creating artwork please visit our ARTWORK TO-DO.)

Aside from the tasks listed in this page, you should consider browsing:
    Currently opened tasks inside IssueZilla.

If you find something that you would like to help with, please let us know.
The same invitation applies if you find something that should be added to this list. Please let us know on the mailing list about it.

Current tasks:

Here are a few areas where help is currently needed:

  1. Update artwork to-do:
    by inluding tasks which belong to artwork and which currently can be found in Marketing Project's To-Do list.

  2. Update artwork categories list:
    Right now, the galleries index contains only a few categories of artwork. We need to identify other categories and create the corresponding galleries.

  3. Index existing artwork in galleries:
    Existing artwork is spread accross Community sites and Projects, including the Native Lang projects.
    We need to index in our galleries the existing work so that everybody can look in a single place for related graphics.

  4. Translate artwork from other languages into English in order to be used by other projects.
    How it is done: Index the original graphics in the corresponding category but with the translation text mentioned in HTML near the image.

  5. Visual Identity Manual needs to be finalized in order to have a unified specifications set for the artists who enroll in creating artwork for

  6. Advertise the project on general and other projects mailing lists. This is a periodical task in order to attract visitors to the galleries and to direct the artwork requests to the project.
Please do not hesitate to ask for details or guidance on our mailing list if you feel you can help
Last updated: Feb 19th 2005 by cdriga.



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