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Functions/Templates List


bib:format-bibliography (param: xs:stringoutput-format) - source
Creates final formatted bibliography list
bib:format-citation (param: xs:stringoutput-format) - source
formats citations


mods:year (param: element(mods:mods)bibref) - source
when given a bibliographic record, returns its publication year
bib:number-condense (param: begin,end) - source
Collapses a page range according to the Chicago algorithm
xs:stringmods:grouping-key (param: element(mods:mods)bibref) - source
Constructs an authors string for grouping and sorting
xs:stringmods:sort_on (param: element(mods:mods)bibref) - source
Determines what to sort on
xs:stringmods:use_csl-reftype (param: element(mods:mods)bibref) - source
Determines which CSL definition to use for any given MODS record
xs:stringmods:csl-reftype (param: element(mods:mods)bibref) - source
Maps a MODS reference type to a CSL XPATH expression
xs:stringmods:csl-fallback (param: element(mods:mods)bibref) - source
Determines the CSL fallback for a MODS record
xs:stringmods:refclass (param: element(mods:mods)?bibref) - source
This function is central to the formatting logic of the system
xs:stringmods:reftype (param: element(mods:mods)?bibref) - source
Further classifies records into types based on the class
xs:stringbib:number-footcite (param: element()footcite) - source
Numbers citations and foot/endnotes together
xs:booleanbib:first-reference (param: node()cite-ref) - source
Determines the first time a reference is cited in the text
xs:booleanbib:ibid (param: node()citation) - source
Determines when a citation fulfills the "ibid" condition
xs:stringdb:number-footnote (param: element(db:footnote)footnote) - source
No short description available

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