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OpenOffice.org is both a fully-featured office suite compatible with leading office products, and a virtual community working through OpenOffice.org's numerous projects. The community comes together at www.openoffice.org to develop, support, and promote the use of OpenOffice.org. For information on joining the OpenOffice.org community, visit our Introduction page.

The OpenOffice.org home page

In addition to the navigation tabs across the top, on the left side are buttons that allow you to:

In addition to the logos of OpenOffice.org's sponsor and primary contributor, and web host, the footer includes links to how to contact us, site map, development to do list, web site help and press room.


New to www.openoffice.org?

At the top of every web page is a series of navigation tabs with links to:

Home returns you to the site's home page as does the logo located in the top left corner.

Download displays the Download Central page that includes many ways to obtain different versions of OpenOffice.org. Includes links to download managers and site documentation.

Support is a pool of free community and commercial support and training resources including FAQ, mailing lists, forums, documentation and books.

Contributing displays ways that you can participate in the OpenOffice.org community.

Projects lists the active Accepted, Native-Lang and Incubator community projects. Visit a project and subscribe to their mailing lists and see how you can contribute.

My pages allows a registered user of the web site to login. If you wish to join projects, submit issues, or show your support for a project consider registering with the OpenOffice.org web site.

About displays the About Us page including summary information and links about how the OpenOffice.org community project and OpenOffice.org the product.


Mail lists, and other useful things

Help Click the Support tab from any page for a list of free community and commercial support and training resources.

Mailing Lists to talk to other users of OpenOffice.org are displayed on our General & Project Mailing Lists page.

To Report a bug you need to be logged in. Click the My pages tab and login to display the File issue link in the left navigation menu.

OpenOffice.org News is found in articles on the home page and newsletters posted to the Announce list that are later archived to the Articles, Interviews, Blogs, and Newsletters page. Individual projects will also use various communications methods including their project mailing lists.

FAQ are available for a number of general community project and specific topics. See our General Frequently Asked Questions page.

Licenses OpenOffice.org use the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). See Licenses and Licensing FAQ.

Guidelines for Participation are described in the About Us page and the Guidelines for Participation page.

If you still haven't found what you want, try the Search box located in the top right of every page. The Advanced search allows you to narrow your search results to a particular area of the web site.


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