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module dialogs

FilterOptionsDialog This service enables a filter developer to register a dialog to query for user options before the filter operation is performed.
FolderPicker A FolderPicker service.
Wizard provides a framework for implementing a wizard dialog.
XAsynchronousExecutableDialog Specifies an interface for an executable dialog in asynchronous mode.
XControlAccess Generic control access interface.
XControlInformation Interface to query for controls and control properties supported by the implementing instance.
XDialogClosedListener Used to notify listeners about dialog-closed events.
XExecutableDialog Specifies an interface for an executable dialog.
XFilePicker Specifies an interface for a FilePicker
XFilePicker2 extends file picker interface to workaround some design problems.
XFilePickerControlAccess Provides access to the controls of a FilePicker.
XFilePickerListener Interface to be implemented by a FilePicker listener.
XFilePickerNotifier Interface to be implemented in order to support listener management.
XFilePreview FilePicker that support the preview of various file formats should implement this interface.
XFilterGroupManager Specifies an interface which allows manipulation of groups of filters for the FilePicker service.
XFilterManager Specifies a filter manager interface for a FilePicker
XFolderPicker Specifies a FolderPicker interface.
XWizard is the main interface implemented by the Wizard services.
XWizardController is the interface of a client-provided controller of a custom Wizard.
XWizardPage is a single page of a Wizard
DialogClosedEvent Information of a closed dialog.
FilePickerEvent Context information in case of a FilePicker event.
ExecutableDialogException Base class of all XExecutableDialog related exceptions.
Constant Groups
CommonFilePickerElementIds These constants are used to specify common controls of a FilePicker dialog.
ControlActions Control actions for common and extended controls of a FilePicker.
ExecutableDialogResults These constants are used to specify a result of executing a XExecutableDialog.
FilePreviewImageFormats These constants are used to specify image formats supported by an implementation of the interface XFilePreview.
ListboxControlActions [ DEPRECATED ]
These constants are deprecated and should not be used anymore. They're superseeded by ControlActions.
TemplateDescription The implementation of a FilePicker service may support the usage of different templates. The following constants define the currently specified templates.
WizardButton denotes the buttons found in a Wizard
WizardTravelType denotes ways to leave a Wizard's page
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