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module ui
Dialogs and other UI elements.

Nested Modules
ActionTrigger describes a trigger for an (user inter-)action.
ActionTriggerContainer describes a container of user actions.
ActionTriggerSeparator describes a separator entry. Such entries are of interest for components rendering an ActionTriggerContainer.
ConfigurableUIElement specifies a configurable user interface element that supports persistence.
GlobalAcceleratorConfiguration provides access to the global shortcut configuration set.
ItemDescriptor describes a user interface item that is part of a user interface element.
ModuleUICategoryDescription a service which provides information about the user interface command categories of a single module.
ModuleUICommandDescription a service which provides information about the user interface commands of a single module.
ModuleUIConfigurationManager specifies a user interface configuration manager which gives access to user interface configuration data of a module.
ModuleUIConfigurationManagerSupplier specifies a central user interface configuration provider which gives access to module based user interface configuration managers.
ModuleWindowStateConfiguration a service which provides window based information about user interface elements of a single application module.
UICategoryDescription a service which provides information about user interface command categories.
UICommandDescription a service which provides information about user interface commands of modules.
UIConfigurationManager specifies a user interface configuration manager which controls all customizeable user interface elements of an object.
UIElement specifies a user interface element.
UIElementFactory specifies a user interface element factory that can create and initialize a user interface element type.
UIElementFactoryManager specifies a user interface factory manager that controls all registered user interface element factories.
UIElementSettings describes the internal structure of a configurable user interface element.
WindowContentFactory specifies a factory which creates a window that is a container for user interface elements. Dependent on the provided arguments different window types can be created. This container window must be capable of being integrated into another window (e.g. docking or floating windows).
WindowStateConfiguration a service which provides window based information about user interface elements.
ContextChangeEventMultiplexer Multiplex events for context changes. A typical listener for context changes is the sidebar.
XAcceleratorConfiguration provides read/write access to an accelerator configuration set.
XContextChangeEventMultiplexer Provide a central access point for a group of events. Listeners can be added with a simple restriction on the event source. They are only called for events that originate at the specified source. Event providers can broadcast an event to all interested listeners. The XEventMultiplexer interface is typically implemented as a singleton
XContextMenuInterception This interface enables an object to get interceptors registered that change context menue or prevent them from beeing executed.
XContextMenuInterceptor This interface enables the object to be registerd as interceptor to change context menues or prevent them from being executed.
XDockingAreaAcceptor this interface enables developer to implement different docking area acceptors which are used by the frame based layout manager.
XImageManager specifies access functions to an images manager interface to add, replace and remove images assocations to command URLs.
XModuleUIConfigurationManager specifies specific functions of a module based user interface configuration manager interface.
XModuleUIConfigurationManagerSupplier allows to retrieve user interface configuration managers related to modules.
XSidebar Interface of the sidebar that allows its elements like panels to eg request layouts.
XSidebarPanel Optional interface of sidebar panels.
XStatusbarItem Represents an item in a status bar
XToolPanel describes the basic interface to be implemented by a tool panel
XUIConfiguration supports to notify other implementations about changes of a user interface configuration manager.
XUIConfigurationListener supplies information about changes of a user interface configuration manager.
XUIConfigurationManager specifies a user interface configuration manager interface which controls the structure of all customizable user interface elements.
XUIConfigurationManagerSupplier allows to retrieve the user interface configuration manager related to an object.
XUIConfigurationPersistence specifies a persistence interface which supports to load/store user interface configuration data to a storage and to retrieve information about the current state.
XUIConfigurationStorage supplies functions to change or get information about the storage of a user interface configuration manager.
XUIElement provides a function to retrieve a special purpose interface dependent on the user interface element type.
XUIElementFactory specifies a user interface element factory that can create and initialize user interface elements.
XUIElementFactoryRegistration is used to query, register and deregister user interface element factories.
XUIElementSettings provides functions to retrieve and change user interface element structure data and to update its visible representation.
XUIFunctionListener special interface to receive notification that a user interface element will execute a function.
ConfigurationEvent this event is broadcasted by a configuration manager whenever the state of user interface element has changed.
ContextMenuExecuteEvent contains all information about the requested context menu.
LayoutSize Size used for layouting windows. It specifies a range of valid values and a preferred value. The values must not violate the relation 0 <= Minimum <= Preferred <= Maximum.
ContextMenuInterceptorAction determins the action that is requested from the XContextMenuInterceptor.
DockingArea specifies different docking areas a frame based layout manager supports.
Constant Groups
ActionTriggerSeparatorType Determins the type of a separator in an ActionTriggerContainer.
ImageType Determine the image set of an image manager.
ItemStyle specifies styles which influence the appearance and the behavior of an user interface item.
ItemType Determins the type of an item.
UIElementType determine the type of a user interface element which is controlled by a layout manager.
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