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interface XFilterGroupManager
Specifies an interface which allows manipulation of groups of filters for the FilePicker service.

Methods' Summary
appendFilterGroup Appends a group of filters to the current filter list.  
Methods' Details
appendFilterGroup( [in] string  sGroupTitle,
[in] sequence< ::com::sun::star::beans::StringPair >  aFilters )
raises( ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException );

Appends a group of filters to the current filter list.

It is implementation dependent how the filter groups are presented to the user.
It is not even guaranteed that the groups are visualized: implementations are free to simply append all the filters separately, with ignoring the group title.

Parameter sGroupTitle
The title of the filter group. Usually, the caller should localize this title, as it is to be presented to the user.
Parameter aFilters
The filters which form a group. Every filter consists of two strings, where the first one is a display name (as for sGroupTitle, it holds that these strings should be localized), and the second one the semicolon separated list of wildcard expressions for the filter.
Usually, the expressions are simply extensions (e.g. "*.txt"), but this must no necessarily be the case.
com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException if one or more filters in the given filter list already exist.
See also
XFilterManager, FilePicker
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