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:: com :: sun :: star :: document ::

interface XExtendedFilterDetection
provides a "deep" filter detection

A "deep" filter detection means looking into the document stream to detect the format of it. Services of type ExtendedTypeDetection must support this interface to be called from generic load mechanism of the office for that.

See also
DetectService, TypeDetection, FilterFactory

Methods' Summary
detect controls agreement of a "flat" TypeDetection with given URL or arguments  
Methods' Details
detect( [inout] sequence< ::com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue >  Descriptor );

controls agreement of a "flat" TypeDetection with given URL or arguments

Registerd services in configuration, which support this interface for different mime types, will be called automaticly to look into the document stream and cdecide wich format it represent. Add the collected information about detected documents in given MediaDescriptor Descriptor. The decision must be returned as any valid type name (which specifies the detected format) or an empty value for unknown formats.

Parameter Descriptor
represent a MediaDescriptor which can be used to get/set informations about the detected document
an internal type name if format was detected successfully
or an empty value for an unknown document format.
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