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service AccessibleStatusBarItem
specifies accessibility support for a status bar item.

Exported Interfaces
This interface gives access to the structural information of a status bar item:
  • Role: The role of a status bar item is AccessibleRole::LABEL .
  • Name: The name of a status bar item is its localized configuration name.
  • Description: The description of a status bar item is its localized help text.
  • Children: There are no children.
  • Parent: The parent of a status bar item is the status bar, whose accessible context supports the service AccessibleStatusBar .
  • Relations: There are no relations.
  • States: The states supported by this service are
    • AccessibleStateType::DEFUNC is set if the object has already been disposed and subsequent calls to this object result in com::sun::star::lang::DisposedException exceptions.
    • AccessibleStateType::ENABLED is always set.
    • AccessibleStateType::SHOWING is set if the object is displayed on the screen.
    • AccessibleStateType::VISIBLE is always set.
makes it possible to register listeners which are called whenever an accessibility event (see ::drafts::com::sun::star::accessibility::AccessibleEventObject ) occurs.
The ::drafts::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleComponent interface should be supported by any class that can be rendered on the screen.
The ::AccessibleExtendedComponent interface contains additional methods to those of the ::AccessibleComponent interface. These methods provide more seldom used information. The division into two interfaces allows classes to support the more frequently used methods of the ::AccessibleComponent interface and only support the ::AccessibleExtendedComponent interface if that makes sense for the class.
This interface gives read-only access to the text representation of the status bar item.

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