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Troubleshooting the Build

This section gives you some tips and advice on things to do if you encounter problems when building the office suite.

If the office suite does not build successfully, the following tips may be helpful in attempting to fix the build.

If... Then...
You get the following error on executing dmake:
Error -- not found
You did not run the configure script. Run the configure script then run dmake again.

Source the settings file. Look at the last few lines from configure for a hint.

You get the following error on executing dmake:
Error -- Configuration file not found
The environment variable DMAKEROOT is not set correctly to the following value:

You probably have not run source on you ???? file in your build directory.

For example, in Linux dmake reads the following files in the following order:


You can check this by running dmake in verbose (-v) mode.

You get a compile error. Ensure that you have the most current source. Often minor patches are applied after the source tarball is created. This includes support of changing compilers such as gcc and bison. Do a `cvs update` in that directory.

Check for an existing issue and patch. Search for an existing issue report and look for some patches. If you have the same issue and have a patch, please add it to the issue. If you have the same issue but a different platform please add a comment.

Dependencies are not perfect with sometimes you have to purge the whole build to get accurate rebuild results. `dmake clean` will purge your build for a fresh start. You must do this when you change cvs tags.

You need help. Please subscribe to mailing list and write a message requesting help. Include:
Your platform and version eg Linux Redhat 9.0 or Windows 2000
Your compiler and version eg gcc --version (gcc 3.3.1) or Visual C include patch releases.
You Java compiler version if it is a java problem.
If Windows whether you are 4nt or cugwin build.

If you are working on a new platform like OS/2 then you might find help on the porting list.

It is not obvious from the dmake error what the problem is. Run the following command to get a full description of the dmake instructions and an expansion of all the variables used in the build:
% dmake -p -v

The -p option expands all build variables. The -v option sets dmake to verbose mode. Note that this will generate a lot of output. Note also that dmake prints some of its messages to stderr.

You want to run the imagemaker program bmp. On an X Windows system, make sure the DISPLAY variable is set when running the imagemaker program bmp. This is built in the module svtools. Also, ensure that you have the appropriate privileges to access the system.
The build stops complaining it cannot find a .bmp file This is really the same problem as the previous one - you must have the DISPLAY variable set so the program bmp can make a connection to an X server.
You need to debug a particular tool or create a debug build. To use debug switches you can use the following command:
% dmake debug=true

Alternatively, you can set the environment variable DEBUG to TRUE by using the following command:

% setenv DEBUG TRUE    (csh shells)
$ export DEBUG=TRUE    (sh shells)

Setting up your environment again unsets this variable.

You want to force a full recompilation of a particular project. The simplest thing to do is to remove the output tree. For example, in the tools project on Linux:
rm -rf

In other words, in that project, remove the directory and contents of the tree created by your build.

You suspect that is building in the wrong order. The dependencies between the modules are quite complex. Therefore you must build the projects in a particular order. You can see this order in the top level instsetoo/prj/build.lst.
You get the following error while running dmake:
If you use the build tool, it may set the mk_tmp environment variable to TRUE. For dmake to run correctly, you must reset the value of mk_tmp to blank, as follows:
% setenv mk_tmp    (csh shells)
$ unset mk_tmp     (sh shells)

The equivalent command on Win32 systems is as follows:

C:\> unset mk_tmp
When you run the command ./setup in $SRC_ROOT/instsetoo/$INPATH/normal and encounter the following error:
replace xxxxxx.res? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll,
[N]one, [r]ename: 
This error occurs when you run the command dmake install over an existing installation set. To resolve this error, remove the output tree in the module instsetoo, as follows:
% cd $SRC_ROOT/instsetoo
% rm -rf $INPATH

Then rerun the dmake install command as follows:

% cd $SRC_ROOT
% dmake install

Then run setup again, as follows:

% cd instsetoo/$INPATH/normal
% ./setup

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