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Acessing the obsolete Subversion source code repository

Between 3.0 release and 3.2 release Subversion was used as the source code repository.

After the 3.2 release OOo has migrated to Mercurial. Now the subversion repository is only useful for getting the sources of the OOo 3.1 release branch (OOO310).

For current information on how to build OOo, see the OOo Wiki: Building Guide

Generic access methods

Read only SVN access

svn checkout svn://


svn checkout

Read only browser access

Point your browser to

Read/write access

Write access to the repository requires a ssh setup.

svn co svn+ssh://

Access a Developer Snapshot

Access a Developer Milestone

svn checkout

Access a childworkspace

svn checkout

For more information please see

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