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Building an installation set in other languages than english

There are several steps that have to be performed to create an installation set in an other language than english.

  1. Creation of the resource libraries for an specific language. By default, only the resource libraries for english and german are build. To build resource libraries an additional language an extra environment variable has to be set and the complete source tree needs to be rebuild. e.g. set the RES_FREN variable to TRUE to build resource libraries for the french language ( visiable as new created *33.res files). For a complete list of available languages within the build environment, see the solenv/inc/

  2. Get the latestest version of instsetoo/util/ (rev1.4) and instsetoo/util/openoffice.lst (rev1.2). These files will work for OpenOffice614, OpenOffice619 and all later versions.

  3. Create a new installation set by typing 'dmake LANGEXT=##' in the instsetoo/util directory where ## stands for the approciate language extension.

It's also possible to set another default language than german and english by patching the solenv/inc/ Set in line xx the defaultxxx to another than german.

Hint: if there are no language specific resource libraries found, it will be searched for the english ones as default.

Table of supported languages

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