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Autodoc Commandline Syntax

Last updated: 30. 1. 2002

Contact: Nikolai Pretzell


[ -v <VerboseNr> ]
-html <OutputDirectory>
[ -parse ]
[ -name <RepositoryName> ] -lg <ProgrammingLanguage>
{ [ -p <ProjectName> <ProjectRootDirectory> ] { -t <SourceDirectory>* -d <SourceDirectory>* -f <SourceFile>* }+ }+


command line parameter
[ ]
{ }
Block of connected options.
The sequence of not connected options does not matter. So the -html or -v options can be used before or after all the parsing options.
once or more times
none or more times

Explanation of the Options

-v <VerboseNr> Only for debugging. Bits 1, 2 and 4 in any combination give different output.
-html <OutputDirectory>
Gives the directory, where a HTML version of the docu shall be generated.
-parse Starts the block, where all the parse options are given. This can be omitted, because the parse options are identifiable without it, but it may make a commandline more readable.
-name <RepositoryName> This name appears as title of the documentation (currently only in the in the C++ version).
-lg <ProgrammingLanguage>
Possible values are:
This parses all files with the endings .hxx and .h .
This parses all files with the ending .idl .
-p with -t/-d/-f: If there are more than one project, the -p option is required for each one.

The directory given wit the -p option is the root directory of the project.
If there is no -p option, the working directory is seen as root.

All paths given with -t/-d/-f are relative to that root directory. It is possible to use "." as argument for -t or -d.

Each of -t/-d/-f can have several arguments:
One could write "-f file1.hxx file2.hxx file_xyz.hxx"
After each -p (or after -lg, if there is no -p option), there has to be at least one of the following three:
-t Tree, which means: include subdirectories
-d Directory, which means: no subdirectories
-f File", which means: single file name with ending.
This option also allows to parse some files with an ending different from those, the -lg option implies.

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