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Installation Guide

After you downloaded the qadevOOoSetup class and stored it in a local directory, open a shell and switch to this directory. Make sure that java is in your PATH and the current directory in your CLASSPATH (see the Java documentation for more about the classpath), and just call

   > java qadevOOoSetup

You will be asked to which directory the files should be installed and, afterwards, where your Office-Installation can be found. The requested Office path is the directory in which the subfolder 'program' is located, so it is the installation directory, if you made a normal installation, and the installation path of the server-part, if you made a network installation.

Then the files are unpacked and stored in the directory you chose.

You'll find two scripts to execute Java and Basic tests and a readme that explains how to use them.

For more detailed information about how to use the Framwork and how it is structured refer to the General User Guide

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