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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.13
Team Lead: Christoph Neumann

Quality Assurance - API Team

Mission Statement
Here you can find a team related description of the working area.
Here you can find the team members and their responsibilities.

Open Issues
Here you can find unconfirmed Issues that needs further investigation.
Integrated Issues
Here you can find integrated Issues that need acknowledgment.
(Attention: Please check in EIS or here if the fix/feature is already implemented.)
Here you can find topic related Test Case Specifications.
Here you can find ideas for feature enhancements.
Here you come to the API project site.

Links & Docs
In this area you can find topic-related info material.
In this area you can find miscellaneous topic related stuff and info.
Here you can find what is on the todo list.

Revision: 2.00

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