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As of OOo 3.3, the IRIX port has been considered obsolete and the relevant code has been removed from the code base, see issue 106845.

Welcome To The IRIX Porting Site

Porting of to IRIX officially begun in September 2001. The initial work involved testing a variety of compilers and tools to determine the best way was to be built for IRIX. (For a list of tools, compilers, and libraries used to build OOo on IRIX, refer to the build instructions page.

The engineers were working on the project:

Others who have been involved in the port are:

and a special thanks to

Recent News IRIX port is now complete!

The porting stage of the project is now complete! Our main showstopper bug has been found and rectified. Check out the build instructions section for how to build it yourself, OR download the binaries via the link below!


We have a tinderbox builds of that are built daily on one of our machines in SGI. More details can be found at

DOWNLOAD binaries for IRIX!!!

Click HERE to download 1.0.3 binaries for Irix!

NOTE: - These binaries are Mips4 only, and wont run on anything less!

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