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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

Apache OpenOffice™ 3.4 Blows Past 1M Downloads

After last week's release of Apache OpenOffice 3.4, the project is pleased to note the strong positive reception by users and the press. Apache OpenOffice 3.4 has been downloaded over one million times.

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From the Apache OpenOffice Project Management Committee, 16 May 2012— The Apache OpenOffice Project today publishes its preliminary download figures for Apache OpenOffice™ 3.4, the first release of OpenOffice under the governance of the Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Incubator.

Last week's release announcement for Apache OpenOffice 3.4 was broadly covered in the press and social media:

Sampling of Press Coverage

Nick Peers at BetaNews leads "Apache releases big OpenOffice upgrade -- get it now!" and then summarizes the new features:

Version 3.4's major features can be found under the hood — vastly improved startup times, improved OLEObject handling, better chart rendering and support for scalable vector graphics are the most notable changes in this new release. Also implemented is ODF 1.2 encryption, while the suite is now licensed under the Apache License 2 engine.

At OMG! Ubuntu! Joey Sneddon writes: "Apache OpenOffice 3.4 doesn't do anything drastic, but does iterate nicely upon that which was there before."

More coverage from Paula Rooney, ZDNet. After listing the "new bells and whistles" in Apache OpenOffice 3.4 ("welcome news") Paula then stresses the importance of future project progress:

...[F]or the Apache Software Foundation — and for long term supporters of the open source Office suite — this next stage of development, free from vendor control — offers its best chance to date to attract more users and backers.

Iain Thomspon at The Register highlighted the "major changes" made to the OpenOffice graphics capabilities, mentioning specifically the work of programmer Armin Le Grand.

Over at TweakTown, Anthony Garreffa's article extolls AOO 3.4 as their "Download of the Day", saying that Apache OpenOffice 3.4 is:

...the result of over twenty years' software engineering. Designed from the start as a single piece of software, it has a consistency other products cannot match. A completely open development process means that anyone can report bugs, request new features, or enhance the software.

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