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Last updated 2002-08-02

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2002 (English)
PC Magazine OpenOffice Appears Dept.
As the much-respected columnist John C. Dvorak writes, "Much of the recent buzz among computer users has been around the release of the all-free office suite 1.0, available for download at This open-source spin-off of Sun's StarOffice might become the biggest threat yet to the Microsoft Office suite monopoly."
MSNBC An alternative to Microsoft Office
In a very positive article, AP journalist Matthew Fordahl reviews 1.0 and finds it "sleek" and a real threat to Microsoft Office. Worth reading.
The New York Times
(Free registration required)
The Office Software That Roared
David Pogue, the Times' chief technology columnist, writes a brilliant article extolling mentioning just why it poses such a threat to Microsoft's Office. As he puts it, "The world waited for a contender that was so compelling, people might actually consider filing for Microsoft divorce. Now there is one. It's called OpenOffice, and it has a killer feature: it's free." A must read.
ZDNet Downloads Positive Feedback on ZDNet Downloads!
Project member "Sal" alerted us to the wave of great feedback on the popular ZDNet 1.0 download. Sun Micro Targets Top Microsoft Product With Office Program
Describing StarOffice as a "latest attack" by the beleaguered company, Bloomberg writer Dan Goodin portrays Sun as deploying StarOffice as infantry in a war against Microsoft.
Amy D. Wohl's Opinions Sun’s Staroffice 6.0 Shines But Not Too Brightly
A generally favorable, interesting analysis that sparked an informative debate between Wohl and's Nick Richards (see above). Wohl argues that is not right now a strong enough contender against Microsoft Office, but "for new users in cost conscious environments like education, small business, and emerging markets (like China, Africa, and parts of Latin America), StarOffice could represent a good, low-cost choice, trading off some features and ease of use for lower cost."
New Zealand Herald Enza says "no" to Microsoft
"Fruit exporter Enza is saying no to Microsoft's new Software Assurance licensing scheme and is likely to dump Microsoft Office for the bulk of its 500 users." Instead, Enza is following many others and will consider
New Zealand Herald Enza says "no" to Microsoft
"Fruit exporter Enza is saying no to Microsoft's new Software Assurance licensing scheme and is likely to dump Microsoft Office for the bulk of its 500 users." Instead, Enza is following many others and will consider"
ZDNet: Tech Update Considering
Writes Dan Farber: "A few weeks ago I joined the free software camp, replacing my trusty and mostly reliable, Microsoft Office with the 1.0 release of By free, I mean is an open source, zero-cost replacement for Microsoft Office with a comparable feature set. My verdict so far: rates a 7 on a scale of 10 from the perspective of an individual user untethered from corporate manacles."
ZDNet: Tech Update people's StarOffice
An excellent article by Todd Volz that briefly touches on the history of the project, it's constituent projects and on the software itself, what it does, how it differs from StarOffice 6.0, and what its promise is.
Computerworld New Zealand All eyes on Linux: Microsoft absent as free OS dominates show
An examination of the strong open-source realities and possiblities represented in the recent Auckland, NZ, Computerworld Expo.
InfoWorld Opening the desktop
A characteristically excellent analysis of the current state of Open Source, in this case, of the real possibilities of the open-source desktop.
The Washington Post The Office Suite That Lets You See Past Redmond
As columnist Rob Pegoraro writes, " 1.0 arrived, and Microsoft Office's long winning streak may finally screech to a halt. OpenOffice is what many computer users have been waiting and wishing for: It's free, open-source, Office-compatible and cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Solaris, with a Mac OS X version in early development)."
Tandem A free alternative to Microsoft: The New 1.0 has finally been released to public
2002 05-12
"The good news.... After a lengthy wait, one of the best alternatives to proprietary formats,, is finally reaching maturity. Some weeks ago, in fact, the community released version 1.0 of the well-known open-source suite."
RadioWeblog If I were Scott McNealy
Trenchant comments on What Sun Should Do.
ZDNet News Free office suite heads to the Mac
Matthew Broersma (of ZDNet UK) writes, ", the open-source office suite project, has reached a milestone in porting the software to Mac OS X with an early release for Mac developers."
MacCentral Sun releases OpenOffice to developers
2002 05-07
MacCentral was the first to report on the developer version of the Mac OS X port released at Apple's 2002 WWDC.
eWeek Serious Suite Alternative
2002 05-06
"...Enter 1.0, which became available for download last week. OOo, as it has become known--is a freely available, open-source office productivity suite that delivers enough functionality and Office file format compatibility to make it a compelling replacement for the Microsoft suite and a good option for Linux and Solaris users."
News from the press release.
eWeek Red Hat to Drop StarOffice 6
Peter Galli writes that because Sun will now charge for StarOffice 6, RedHat will consider free alternatives--such as OpenOffice 1.0
"OpenOffice has reached the 1.0 release, meaning it's stable and ready for prime-time."
c|Net Sun's OpenOffice open for business
"Sun Microsystems and its open-source allies have released version 1.0 of OpenOffice, a free version of Sun's StarOffice desktop software and a competitor to Microsoft Office."
WinInfo Free Office Suite Now Shipping
"The community has finally unleashed the long-awaited initial release of 1.0, a full-featured, free Microsoft Office alternative."
Slashdot Team Releases Version 1.0
Slashdot congratulates and there are many, many responses.
ZDNet News Free OpenOffice picks up from StarOffice
" developers have put the finishing touches on their productivity suite, which provides users and businesses with an alternative to Microsoft's Office suite. The free OpenOffice uses the same code base as the StarOffice software for which Sun Microsystems charges a fee."
Computerworld releases Version 1.0 of its free office suite
"After 18 months of development, Version 1.0 of the open-source productivity sutie was released today for free download."
bityard OpenOffice 1.0 Unleashed against MS Office
"Amid the dominance found in the office productivity sector, Sun Microsystems through it project has released the first version of a community based effort to unseat Microsoft’s massive stranglehold." OpenOffice 1.0 available for free download
Featuring commentary by's own Zaheda Bhorat and Sam Hiser. OpenOffice 1.0 available for free download
"A free version of Sun Microsystems Inc.'s StarOffice business productivity suite is now available for download from, an open-source developer community sponsored by Sun."
Flora Community announces 1.0: Free office productivity
"Global Community builds full-featured office suite with revolutionary momentum."
InfoWorld Sun offers free version of StarOffice
Tom Krazit reports for IDG on the interview conducted with Community Manager Zaheda Bhorat and Marketing Co-Lead Sam Hiser.
The Register OpenOffice suite goes 1.0
"[C]ongratulations[...,] people. We'll download it as soon as we can get in." The article is interesting, and examines the nuances of the nature of 1.0."

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2002 (Danish)


OpenOffice: Gratis tvilling til StarOffice
"Hvis man kan undvære database, skabeloner og clip-art, så er der ingen grund til at betale for Suns version af open source-kontorsuiten. Forskellen mellem de to produkter er ganske ubetydelig for langt de fleste brugere."
Comon OpenOffice 1.0 er ude
" har udsendt version 1.0 af sin gratis kontorpakke til både Linux, Solaris og Windows. Det betyder, at vi sandsynligvis snart vil se den endelige version af Suns StarOffice 6.0."

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2002 (Dutch) StarOffice alternatief OpenOffice bereikt versie 1.0
"StarOffice is begonnen als een project van een klein groepje programmeurs dat een goed alternatief wilde maken voor Microsoft Office. Hoewel het pakket nadat het in handen van Sun kwam een tijdje gratis is geweest, hangt er sinds versie 6.0 weer een prijskaartje van $100 aan. Voor de mensen die niet bereid zijn om dat bedrag te betalen is er het zusje van StarOffice: OpenOffice. Deze heeft pas geleden versie 1.0 bereikt. OpenOffice is gebaseerd op dezelfde sourcecode als StarOffice, maar is in tegenstelling tot dat pakket wèl gratis."
Linux Magazine OpenOffice 1.0 is uit
"Vanaf nu kun je OpenOffice downloaden van OpenOffice is de officesuite die op dezelfde code is gebaseerd als StarOffice, maar die wel volledig Open Source is, en die je dus ook vrij kunt downloaden. Sun biedt wel support en wat extra features, zoals een database en speciale fonts, maar ze gaan ook ongeveer honderd euro vragen voor StarOffice. Voor de gewone Linux-gebruiker, die toch meer op vrijheid is gesteld dan op support, is OpenOffice dus een uitkomst."

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2002 (Norwegian) OpenOffice 1.0 klar til nedlasting
"Den nye gratis kontorsuiten for Windows og Linux, OpenOffice 1.0, er klar til nedlasting. Det arbeides med en norsk utgave."

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2002 (Portuguese-Brazil)


Revista do Linux

Lançado a versão 1.0 do OpenOffice!
"A equipe do projeto OpenOffice orgulhosamente anuncia o lançamento do OpenOfice 1.0, sua suíte de aplicativos Office baseada no código fonte do StarOffice, e que é a base para o StarOffice 6."
Terra Informatica OpenOffice 1.0
"Para quem não acompanhou o processo, vale a informação: há pouco mais de um ano e meio, a Sun Microsystems resolveu abrir o código fonte do StarOffice, o seu pacote de aplicativos para escritório que anda no encalço do Microsoft Office. Surgia ali o OpenOffice, projeto de software livre onde a comunidade poderia contribuir para a evolução do StarOffice, à semelhança do que ocorre com outros programas, incluindo o sistema operacional Linux. "

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2002 (Swedish) Gratis: klarar det mesta!
"I paketet ingår bra program för ordbehandling, kalkyl, presentation och grafik."

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2002 (Turkish)
Bilisim Cumhuriyeti MS Office'e dis¸li rakip
" grubu 18 ayl∂k çabas∂n∂n sonucunu ald∂. Aç‡k kaynak kodlu ofis yaz‡l‡m‡ 1.0 art∂k indirilmeye haz∂r."
Bilisim Cumhuriyeti Grubu OpenOffice 1.0'∂ Duyurdu
"Dünya çap∂ndaki yaz∂l∂m gelis¸tiricileri devrim niteligˆinde bir program∂ sunuyorlar. grubu ( bugün aç∂k kaynak kodlu ofis yaz∂l∂m∂ olan 1.0'∂ duyuruyor."
Bilisim Cumhuriyeti MS Office'e dis¸li rakip
" grubu 18 ayl∂k çabas∂n∂n sonucunu ald∂. Aç‡k kaynak kodlu ofis yaz‡l‡m‡ 1.0 art∂k indirilmeye haz∂r."

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