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Global Community Builds Full-Featured Office Suite With Revolutionary Momentum

April 30, 2002 - The community ( today announced the availability of 1.0, the open source, multi-platform, multi-lingual office productivity suite available as a free download at the community website. 1.0 is the culmination of more than 18 months of collaborative effort by members of the community, which is comprised of Sun employees, volunteer developers, marketers, and end users working to create an international office suite that will run on all major platforms. 1.0, which shares the same code base as Sun's StarOffice [tm] 6.0 software is – like StarOffice 6.0 software – a full-featured office suite that provides a near drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office. 1.0 offers software freedom, enabling a free market for service and support, while the Sun-branded product, StarOffice 6.0 software, offers 24x7 fee-based support and training for consumers and businesses, along with deployment and migration services. StarOffice software also offers additional features, such as a database, special fonts and Sun quality and assurance testing. The two office suites complement each other, meeting the varying needs of consumers, open source advocates and enterprise customers.

" 1.0 may be the single best hope for consumers fed-up with Microsoft's desktop monopoly," said Eric Raymond, co-founder of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). "With Sun moving to a full service and support business model for StarOffice software, users around the globe will continue to have a free office productivity software tool through the open source community."

The 1.0 office suite features key desktop applications – including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing programs – in more than 25 languages. In addition, 1.0 works transparently with a variety of file formats, enabling users familiar with other office suites, such as Microsoft Office and StarOffice software, to work seamlessly in the application. The 1.0 software runs stably and natively on multiple platforms, including Linux, PPC Linux, Solaris [tm], Windows and many other flavors of Unix. is the largest open source project with more than 7.5 million lines of code. To date, more than 4.5 million downloads of earlier versions of 1.0 have taken place. With the release of the 1.0 version, the community expects that number to grow significantly as businesses and individuals around the world explore the free alternative to proprietary office suites.

The Community

In less than two years, the community has grown to more than 10,000 volunteers, working together to build the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format. Sun initiated this effort by donating the StarOffice software source code and engineering to the community. One of the major benefits of community-based development is peer review, which has resulted in a stable, secure and flexible software package.

Participants in the Community work on projects ranging from code development to porting and localization, to bug reporting, documentation, product marketing, local language sites and mirror sites for software download.

"There are many important roles that volunteer developers can play to shape the future functionality of (OOo) so if you are looking for someplace to contribute, OOo can use you," said Kevin Hendricks, a key contributor to the community since its inception nearly two years ago. Hendricks has lead volunteer development teams for both the 1.0 spellchecker and PPC Linux port projects.

"When was released, it was a tremendous amount of code with a very deep history, and thus we knew it would take a lot of time and effort to reach a critical mass of community participation," said Brian Behlendorf, CTO and co-founder, CollabNet.  "The project has now attracted a significant amount of outside involvement, some of it in pretty interesting areas like marketing and quality assurance.  With the release of 1.0, it's clear those efforts are bearing real fruit.  Congratulations to the community -- and to Sun -- for making this happen."

CollabNet's SourceCast application enables both centralized and geographically distributed software development teams to collaborate on projects and to track them accurately. SourceCast is the premier Web-based collaboration environment, which includes an integrated set of software development applications. CollabNet also

provides strategic advice on open source issues and the growth of, and offers analysis on current trends within the community.

" may be the most important open source project right now,” said Miguel de Icaza, founder of the GNOME project.  “Because people will try it and see they can get everyday work done without giving more money to Microsoft, they'll see -- in a low-risk way -- that open source software can work for them and be an even better solution.”

About is the home of the open source project and its community of developers, users and marketers responsible for the on-going development of the 1.0 product. The mission of is to create, as a community, the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format. Additional ports, such as FreeBSD, IRIX and Mac OS X are in various stages of completion by developers and end-users in the community. 1.0 is written in C++ and has documented API's licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL) open source licenses.

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