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The Novell migration to

Debra Anderson

Debra Anderson Novell's CIO will speak about Novell's experience adopting, the importance of Open Source to the company and how it has transformed the business within IT.

Debra Anderson, Appointed Chief Information Officer in 2002, oversees Novell's Information Services & Technology Group. Her responsibilities include the deployment of strategic business information systems globally, driving Novell's open source adoption in-house, providing internal company technical support and developing, implementing and managing Novell's IT services. As the first user of Novell's technologies, Debra regularly provides input into Novell's technical direction and insight and recommendations to customers deploying Novell's open source and identity offerings.

Prior to joining Novell, Debra spent 18 years in grocery retailing with Lucky Stores, American Stores and Albertsons, holding both IT and general business positions.

Debra holds a BA Degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Potsdam.

Novell delivers Software for the Open Enterprise. With more than 50,000 customers in 43 countries, Novell helps customers manage, simplify, secure and integrate their technology environments by leveraging best-of-breed, open standards-based software. With more than 20 years of experience, 4,700 employees, 5,000 partners and support centers around the world, Novell helps customers gain control over their IT operating environments while reducing costs. More information about Novell can be found at


Google Summer of Code

Zaheda Bhorat

Zaheda Bhorat, Open Source Program Manager at Google, will explain the importance of the Google 's Summer of code and why you should join.


OpenDocument, Open Revolution

E. Gutentag & Bob Sutor & Nathaniel Borenstein & Charles-H.Schulz

A one hour panel discussion on the merits of OpenDocument Format.

Eduardo Gutentag has been involved in the SGML/XML world for over 10 years, and has participated in many SGML/XML related activities at W3C and OASIS (even when it was still called SGML Open), as well as at ebXML. He is currently a Senior Staff Engineer at the Web Technology and Standards organization of Sun Microsystems. He is Sun's W3C AC representative, and an elected member of the OASIS Technical Advisory Board. In the UBL group, he participates in the Naming and Design Rules subcommittee, and is the editor and chair of the Context Methodology subcommittee.

Bob Sutor, Vice President Standards & Open Source, IBM Corporation, Executive responsible for driving and executing the cross-company business and technical strategy for open standards and open source as they relate to software, hardware, services, vertical industries, and emerging markets. In particular, helps move IBM from its traditional technical and intellectual property approach to one where business exploitation of standards and open source for greater customer value is paramount, especially in vertical industries and emerging markets. Chairman of the IBM internal Corporate Standards Advisory Committee and the Open Source Steering Committee. Works with partners, customers, government leaders and government agencies around the world to understand and adopt modern, business-savvy open strategies and policies. Leads the IBM team accelerating the adoption of the OASIS and ISO OpenDocument Format standard. Senior IBM spokesperson and evangelist for standards and open source, and a widely quoted and read global expert on these areas and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Cofounder of the OpenDocument Format Alliance.

Dr. Nathaniel S. Borenstein is a Distinguished Engineer with IBM Lotus Division, working on Internet standards and strategy and overseeing the Lotus research program. He is also the President of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, and a part time research faculty member at the School of Information of the University of Michigan. He has been an Internet user, developer, standardizer, entrepreneur, and social activist since 1980. His credits include the MIME standard, the Andrew Mail System, the metamail software, the Safe-Tcl programming language, "Programming as if People Mattered" and two other books, three patents, the startups First Virtual Holdings and, and the "One Planet, One Net" manifesto.

Charles-H.Schulz is the Lead of the Native-Language Confederation of, and a partner of the Ars Aperta Consulting Group. A member of both OASIS' ODF Adoption and Technical Committees, he will be chairing the panel discussion and also representing


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