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Call for Papers

Your proposal must be sent before 10 July 2005 in order to be considered for inclusion in the Conference.

We are soliciting papers from the broad community on topics ranging from developing to marketing it; from the global politics of the free and open-source software (FOSS) movement to the technical challenges of localization. This conference is meant to be a forum for technical as well as general examinations of's place in the expanding world of FOSS.
The conference will cover the following topics organized into five tracks:

1. General 2.0
   Commercializing, integrating, and supporting
   Migration methodology
   Funding the project, defining the product, and extending it
   Attracting people (programmers, documentation writers, linguists, support, marketing...)

2. Education in schools and universities
   Case studies of student's/pupil's help in developing
   Skill recognition

3. Development
   The source and how to work with it
   The Roadmap
   Tools for development
   Integration and localization
   UNO and what it can do
   QA, user interface, and development processes
   Macros and installers
   Filters and other topics....

4. Public Administration & Small Business
   Case studies of in government and business (SME)
   Government support of (and FOSS in general)
   Collaboration of PA and SME in developing, deploying and using

5. XML
   OASIS OpenDocument XML format
   Introduction to XML
   Examples of XML technology
   XML: bridge between and other tools

Please submit an abstract by filling out the template and sending it to:

template for paper submission

As the community consists of members from countries all over the world the talk must be in English.

While the time slots have not yet been finalized we made good experience with 50 minutes sessions (including Q&A).

Your proposal must be sent before 10 July 2005 in order to be considered for inclusion in the Conference.

A presentation is a general discussion of some topic, including (but not limited to) the software, the community, relationships with other software or communities, and political or philosophical issues.
A case study is a specific type of presentation that tells what you did to achieve some result; this is usually a success story, but could include a discussion of what mistakes you made and how you overcame them.
A workshop is a "how-to" session, in which the presenter gives step-by-step instructions for doing some task such as writing macros, setting up a database, or developing a complex spreadsheet. Workshops usually include some audience activities.
A BoF ("Birds of a Feather" meeting) is an informal gathering of people in a particular group, or interested in a specific topic. Examples include the members of a native-language group, the marketing project, documentation writers, or Macintosh coders.
A panel discussion involves a group of people (usually 3 or 4) led by a moderator. The participants make opening and closing statements on the topic, may discuss the topic among themselves, and may answer questions from the audience (usually submited in advance).
A lightning talk is a brief presentation on any topic relevant to the conference. It could be an interesting format to give many people the chance to make their point in a series of exactly 5 minute slots.

The Template for Paper Submission includes a section for requesting a travel subsidy. At this point we are not in a position to offer funding for all speakers, and those speakers who do get a subsidy are unlikely to have their full expenses covered. Each request will be considered on the basis of both merit and need, so if you are requesting a subsidy, please give as much information as possible to help us evaluate your request. Please note that someone presenting only a lightning talk is unlikely to receive assistance.

We recommend to use the Impress template for your presentation.

... and stay tuned for further information ...


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