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Abstracts of Conference Papers - Thursday

Abstracts of Conference Papers - Thursday

Evaluating and Supporting in the Public Administration: the COSPA project.
Paolo Zuliani Assistant Professor, Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy
Public Administrations spend every year a considerable amount of money for Commercial Off-The-Shelf software licenses. By using appropriate technologies, such expenses might be either dramatically reduced, or re-routed to further develop local business ecosystems. The COSPA project aims at introducing, analysing, and supporting the use of Open Data Standards and Open Source software for personal productivity and document management in the Public Administration. COSPA will perform pilot projects throughout many European Public Administrations for benchmarking and analysing costs and benefits of migrations to Open Source Software. In particular, the project focuses on as the main personal productivity suite. COSPA is funded with 2,6 million euro by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union and runs from January 2004 to December 2005.
Biography: After receiving a Laurea Degree in computer science in 1997 from Universit� degli Studi di Milano, Italy, Mr. Zuliani began graduate studies at Oxford University. He completed his work toward a Ph.D. degree as a member of the Programming Research Group in the Computing Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Sanders. He is currently Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy.


Where can I find new features in 2.0?
Sophie Gautier and Elizabeth Matthis Members of the Marketing Project
We would like to present the Guide to New Features that we have compiled. It includes descriptions of the new features in OO.o 2.0 as well as where they can be accessed in the office suite. We'll show you what it looks like and where to find it if you want to have a closer look, translate it into your language, and/or use it to market OO.o.

Biography: Sophie and Elizabeth have been members of the OO.o marketing project almost since day one. They are both enthusiastic community members who do what they can to get the word out about how good is. In addition to the general OO.o marketing mailing list, Sophie can be found on the French lists and Elizabeth can be found on the German lists.

>Elizabeth is employed by Sun Microsystems on the StarOffice/ User Experience team. Sophie is a volunteer, francophone project leader and marketing contact for West Africa.

What's New in OO.o 2.0 (Live Demo)
Falko Tesch Product Manager User Experience, Sun Microsystems

A live demonstration of 2.0 EA showing and explaining the major new features, like new toolbars and menus, new database, XForms, new multi-pane view of Impress and AutoShape support, better system integration, scripting framework as well as MS Office filter updates.

I will also give an in-depth look on the impact of these features in relation to MS Office and the office productivity suite market in general.

Biography: Being with Sun (resp. Star Division) for more than 7 years I worked in various fields with and for StarOffice/

Currently I'm working in Sun's User Experience Team for StarOffice/ with main focus on internationalization and presentations.


Document and Forms Management with
Niels Mache CEO, struktur AG is much more than yet another Office suite. On the desktop provides a whole set of office applications where on the server side, powerful document processing capability brings document control to business information throughout the document lifecycle.

This session will provide live examples of how integrates with document and user management, helping to lower total cost of ownership. It will also explore why open standards protect the enterprise investment in IT infrastructure.

Biography: Niels Mache is the technical and product visionary of struktur AG.

Niels Mache graduated with a Masters of Science in computer science and computational biology from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Niels Mache is a true Open Source software pioneer. He published his first Open Source software in 1989.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to provide commercial Linux support and to co-found delix, a company providing Linux software and support. In 1999, delix' operations were acquired by Red Hat Inc., USA. Niels formerly served as director of development for Red Hat GmbH, leading the development of Red Hat Linux in Germany. Prior to his position at Red Hat, Niels Mache served as R&D engineer at Sony Telecommunication Research and Development Europe.

Back - Migration, a methodology in a professional environment
Lothar K. Becker Managing Director, .riess applications GmbH

The spirit of Open Source together with the features of a high professional office software package has tremendously increased the interest in StarOffice or for a huge amount of companies all over the world. It provides a real chance for lower total cost of ownership for large scaled companies. On the other hand there are a lot of risks in the migration path, which should be covered by a clear and straight forward methodology.

It starts in the decision process for the migration to StarOffice/ itself, where tremendous faults could be made, and it does not end in the right user education after the launch of a new office package.

This presentation offers a step by step approach, in which the whole process of a migration is covered. It is designed for large scaled companies with toolkits for automatic analysis and document conversion. Nevertheless it gives hints for non technical issues in the migration path as well as it outlines borders and show stopper. It is based on experiences in successful migration projects for professional companies of many branches. The practical experiences of .riess as Sun's first StarOffice Migration Partner in Germany offers precious guidance in your considerations in introducing StarOffice.

Biography: Lothar K. Becker is the Managing Director of .riess applications until first half of 2004. Before he reached .riess he was responsible for the competence center and sales and marketing department of a software and service company. After his degree in Computer Science he first focused his work in software consulting and project management for ten years.


Integration of StarOffice / with Tamino
Robert Diawara Sales Consultant, Software AG
Motivation, description of technical concepts and Aspects for the customer. Outlook to the future.
Biography: Employee of Software AG since 1999. From 1999 to 2000, system architect, responsible for the development of frameworks and customer solutions. Member of the Sales Consultancy since 01.2001.


Commercial Solutions based on
Erwin Tenhumberg Product Marketing Manager, Sun Microsystems
At trade shows and similar events the most frequently asked question is "What is the difference between and StarOffice?" This session will answer this question, but also give an overview about derivatives, Linux distributions, third party ISV integrations, and available add-ons. The goal of this session is to show that is more than just the open source office suite.
Biography: Erwin Tenhumberg is the Product Marketing Manager for open source technologies in the Desktop Solutions Group at Sun Microsystems. Within this group he mainly focuses on the project. Erwin started working for Sun as a Systems Engineer doing pre-sales for various software and desktop products including the StarOffice office suite and the Sun Ray ultra-thin client. Before Erwin joined Sun he worked for various companies doing Java consulting, software development, desktop application administration, and end user support.

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