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Abstracts for BOF Sessions - Thursday

Abstracts for BOF Sessions - Thursday

Funding the Project
Louis Suárez-Potts Community Manager receives nearly all its operating funds from Sun Microsystems. It also accepts donations from outside sources. We have struggled to define policies that allow us to accept funds without affecting the volunteer nature of the community. But the funds we have so far received have been small. This BOF would investigate the issues at stake in more aggressively seeking funds as well as discuss their distribution.


Defining and Extending (the product)
Louis Suárez-Potts Community Manager

How is the product defined? What are the processes? And how are the various parts of the community involved? This paper addresses the mostly political (but also technical) problematic of defining the code (source and binaries). The current structure, in which Sun proposes de facto definitions that the overall community then more or less silently endorses has allowed to maintain a coherent developmental trajectory and minimize fragmentation. However, in the last year, local community desires have begun to challenge the consensual system.

This paper briefly will also propose a political (not technical) logic for extending functionality.



Abstracts for BOF Sessions - Thursday

UNO Vision - UNO as the common Middleware for Open Source software
Jürgen Schmidt, Kay Ramme

This session explores the opportunities offered by having a separate Uno Runtime Environment (URE). A URE allows to program UNO components or applications independent of A URE would be available as a separate installation unit (.rpm, .msi, ...) and would be installed into the operating system. Opportunities can be such things as having UNO as a common middleware, UNO providing an object request broker (ORB), interapplication component re-usage, high interoperability and more.


  • introduction
  • overview of the URE
  • opportunities of a common component model
  • thoughts about having an UNO ORB
  • discussion


A Quality Official Localized Build
Kazunari Hirano Translator, TranSwift
BOF style discussion on better build, bugfix and QA processes and better communication among developers, engineers and community members to create a Quality Official Localized Build and to allow the release engineering team to release it for each platform. Hope to make an agreement on the processes and the way of communication.


  • 1984 Graduated, Vietnamese Department, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  • 1984 Journalist at a news agent, Nihon Denpa News, Co., Ltd.
  • 1989 Staff at ANC Tokyo Office.
  • 1994 Investigation of ethnic groups in Vietnam and cultural exchange between Vietnam and Japan at MIRAI Co., Ltd.
  • 1997 Technical Translator at Microsoft Chofu Technical Center.
  • 2001 Freelance Translator and Interpreter.
  • 2003 Staff at Japan Users Group


Translation Technology At Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Tim Foster

This paper aims to show how Sun Microsystems, Inc., uses translation technology for its translation activities on StarOffice and other projects. This material was presented at the GUADEC conference this year, but might also be of interest to the community.

Primarily, we will share our experiences of how the use of open standards such as XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) and Translation Memory eXchange format (TMX) and the use of tools to process these formats can increase translator productivity and aid in the sharing of translations across multiple projects.

We will demonstrate our translation editor which has been developed in-house and has been in use for several months on real-world translations. In keeping with our tradition of supporting open standards, our editor can load and save XLIFF files and can export TMX files for use with other translation tools. We have had extensive feedback from professional translators who have been using the system in production and we will explain some of the features that were added to accommodate their needs.

Finally, we will present our vision of translation technology and the advantages it can bring to increase translator productivity and translation accuracy.

Biography: Tim has been working on localization and internationalization related activities at Sun for about 7 years and is currently working on tools to assist in the translation of software and documentation.


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