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Definition of a Shortcut

The keyword for a Shortcut definition is Shortcut. A global ID of a ShortCut should begin with gid_Shortcut . Shortcuts are not assigned to modules, they are always connected with a file. Shortcuts represent links to files, which can exist in all available platform. The classical Shortcuts are the links to the executables setup and soffice (respectively setup.exe and soffice.exe), which are installed into the program directory. The links exist in the root of the Office installation.

The Shortcut to the Office executable, which is defined as global ID gid_File_Bin_Soffice can therefore be defined as you can see below:

Shortcut gid_Shortcut_Soffice
FileID = gid_File_Bin_Soffice;
#ifdef WNT
Name = "soffice";

The Shortcut definition needs first of all the FileID of the file, to which the link shall be created. Of course this FileID is also realized as global ID. The next assignment is the directory, in which the link shall be created. And of course also this directory is defined as global ID, or as in this case as a setup variable. The PREDEFINED_PROGDIR defines the Office installation root. The next assignment is necessary for the name of the link. As you can see, this can be platform dependent. For Windows the name "%PRODUCTNAME %PRODUCTVERSION" is used. For Unix the link is simply named soffice. Optionally there are also some styles. which define, where the link is created.

It is also possible to create links to other links. In this case the definition block does not contain a FileID, but a ShortcutID.

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