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Installation Project

Project Owner: Ingo Schmidt

The Installation project contains several different modules, that are necessary to create installation sets. This includes the description of the installation sets as well as the packaging process in which the native installation sets are created. Additionally the product definition is part of the Installation project. Further modules are added, that contain files required for additional functionality for the installation (Download installation sets, language packs, Readme-Files, License-Files, ...) and for the Office suite (extras, wizards).

The Installation project includes the following:

Beginning with 2.0 the installation process of was completely changed. In the past, used its own setup application, that was platform independent. Now the installation is done with the platform specific installers:

NEW: Java GUI installation wizard

Beginning with the release of 2.3 a new Java GUI installation wizard is included into the products „ with JRE“ (Java Runtime Environment). This installation wizard simplifies the installation on Unix platforms. The selection of the components or the setting of the destination directory can be done with the help of a GUI. Nevertheless the installation is still based on native installation packages. Currently RPMs and Solaris packages are supported by the Java GUI installer. Of course Java is a requirement on your system, if you want to use this installation wizard.

If you want to help creating the Java GUI installation wizard, your help is very appreciated. It is very important, that the installer supports more platforms and package formats than he does today. For example Debian packages should be added soon. Furthermore testing of this new product is very important, because a lot of functionality is added to Of course translation is important, that the wizard soon supports all available languages.

Next to a short introduction into the Java GUI installation wizard and next to the specification, there are also installation sets of an 2.2 available, that contain this installation wizard as preview. Please feel free to test this new installation process. Every feedback and every help is very appreciated. If you have downloaded this installation sets, read the Quick Guide to learn more about the Installation Wizard. Currently installation sets are available for the RPM installation on Linux and for the installation of Solaris packages on Solaris Sparc and Solaris x86.

Test the new JavaFX download installer here.

ToDo List

In the installation project, there are several places, where you can help to improve The installation project covers the complete section from finding the files in the solver until they are located on the user's hard disc. This means packaging of intallation sets, supporting as many package formats as possible and then taking care of a successful and convenient installation. If you have more ideas, than listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Documentation and Resources

Documentation and Resources



Format and Size

Howto repackage OOo

This document describe how to create a standard unix package out of an installation set

HTML, ca. 8 kb

Howto repackage SO/SS

This document describe how to create a standard unix package out of a StarOffice/StarSuite installation set

HTML, ca. 11 kb

Howto Create Native Installer

This document describes how to create native installation sets for 2.0.

The EPM patch can be downloaded here.

HTML, ca. 11 kb


This document describe how to install 1.x without any user interaction via a response file

PDF, ca. 244 kb

Java GUI Installer Quick Guide

The Java GUI Installer Quick Guide shortly describes the advantages and the usage of the new Java GUI Installer

HTML, ca. 11 kb

Java GUI Installer Specification

The specification of the Java GUI Installer. Not final yet.

HTML, ca. 11 kb

Installation CVS Modules

Modules in Installation Project




The module scp2 contains the script particle, which can be used to define installation set. Usually a .scp source file summarizes all script objects which are necessary for special functionality. The individual scp files can be merged into different installation scripts during the link processes. For a description of the script language in the scp2-project click here.


The module solenv contains the code, that is required for creating setup scripts from the script particles defined in scp2 and also the code that is required to create native installation sets from the setup scripts.


instsetoo_native is the module, in which the products are defined and in which the installation sets are created.


A module for native installer specific code. This includes for Windows the Windows Installer custom actions and the NSIS code for download installation sets. For Unixes this module contains different shellscripts, that are required for download installation sets or for the installation of language packs.


The desktop module contains the implementation of the setup executable for the Windows platform. The setup.exe is used to search for the Windows Installer service, install this service if necessary and start the installation with the correct language. The code for the setup executable is located in the directory desktop/win32/source/setup .


Readme and license files.


Contains all non-code files that are vital for to run properly.

  • autotext contains text blocks that are used by various wizards.

  • database contains the bibliography database of

  • gallery contains clipart that is needed by's main functionality.

  • misc_config holds miscellanious preferences files.

  • The palettes of OpenOffice (colors, gradients, etc...) are found in this module.

  • Files responsible for the OS file type recognition are found within shellnew.

  • The symbols of (toolbox icons) are found in this module.

  • document templates that are needed for the wizards are found here.

  • User dictionary are stored in wordbook.

Files not vital for's main functionality like sample documents, other document templates and additional clipart are not stored in the module 'extras'. They can be copied right out of a StarOffice installation. However it may be possible to set up dedicated sub modules if commiters wish to contribute examples of these file types.


Basic macros and libraries for the autopilots such as the wizard for importing foreign file type documents.


The module javainstaller2 contains the code for a Java GUI installation wizard. This wizard is available in a preview in 2.2. It is planned to be official part of in version 2.3. The installation wizard simplifies the installation process for platforms, on which no GUI installer is available. A quick guide to the Java GUI installer can be found at Java GUI Installer Quick Guide. The specification of the Java GUI installation wizard is also available: Java GUI Installer.






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