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Definition of a ScpAction

The keyword for the ScpAction definition is ScpAction. A global ID of a ScpAction should begin with gid_Scpaction. ScpAction definitions cannot be assigned to modules, they are global. They even do not appear in the final setup script, which is placed into the installation set next to the setup executable. They are useful for scpzip to copy files from the output tree into the installation set. A restriction for these files is, that they cannot be packed. The classical exercise for ScpActions is the copying of the loader from the language dependent output tree directory. The loader is created in the setup project and has the name loader.bin respectively loader.exe. In the installation set you find this file as setup respectively setup.exe. A typical definition of a ScpAction in the scp projects looks therefore like:

ScpAction gid_Scpaction_Copy_loader
#ifdef UNX
Copy = "loader.bin";
Copy = EXENAME(loader);
Name = EXENAME(setup);

The ScpAction definition needs only two assignment. The source name and the destination name. Copy describes the source name, in this case loader.bin for Unix and EXENAME(loader) for all other platforms. The macro EXENAME is defined in the included file The Name describes the destination name, in this case EXENAME(setup). For Windows does this mean: Copy the file loader.exe from the output tree into the installation set as setup.exe. And for Unix: Copy the file loader.bin from the output tree into the installation set as file setup. A packing or other feature are not available for ScpActions.

ScpAction gid_Scpaction_Flatloader
FlatLoaderZip = "setup_services.rdb";

Another ScpAction needs only one assignment. This is the FlatLoaderZip. The assigned file setup_services.rdb is needed as internal registry for the setup. This file is not copied into the installation during the setup. But the file is packed into the setup zip and therefore available during the setup process.

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