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Definition of a RegistryItem

The keyword for a RegistyItem definition is RegistryItem. A global ID of a RegistyItem should begin with gid_Regitem or gid_Registryitem. RegistyItems have to be assigned to modules. The assigned module has to be listed in the definition block of the RegistryItem. RegistyItems represent entries into the Windows registry. A typical definition of a RegistyItem in the scp projects looks like:

RegistryItem gid_Regitem_Soffice_Starcalcdocument_6_Defaulticon
ModuleID = gid_Module_Abc;
Subkey = "soffice.StarCalcDocument.6\DefaultIcon";
Value = "<progpath>\program\soffice.exe,3";

The RegistryItem definition needs a ParentID, a Subkey and a Value. The ParentID is one of the Windows registry sections, in this case the PREDEFINED_HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. The subkey is created, if he does not exist. This means in this example that below the folder soffice.StarCalcDocument.6 a key DefaultIcon is created. And this key gets the value <progpath>\program\soffice.exe,3, where <progpath> is a variable, substituted by the setup.

It is also possible to add the flag PATCH to a RegistryItem. In this case it will be included into a patch. For more information about the PATCH flag please have a look at Understanding the PATCH flag.

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