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Definition of a ProfileItem

The keyword for a profileitem definition is ProfileItem. A global ID of a profileitem should begin with gid_Profileitem. ProfileItems have to be assigned to modules. The assigned module has to be listed inside the definition block of the ProfileItem. ProfileItems represent entries in ini- or .rc-files, the Profiles, for example sversion.ini respectively .sversionrc. A typical definition of a profileitem in the scp projects looks like:

ProfileItem gid_Profileitem_Bootstrap_Section
ModuleID = gid_Module_Abc;
ProfileID = gid_Profile_Bootstrap_Ini;
Section = "Bootstrap";
Order = 3;
Key = "Section";
Value = "Versions";

As you can see, the definition of a profileitem is also very simple. The profileitem needs a ProfileID, that is the global ID of the corresponding profile. In this case this is the gid_Profile_Bootstrap_Ini, meaning that this entry is written into the file bootstrap.ini respectively bootstraprc. Profiles consist of sections, in this case the section is called Bootstrap. Inside this section in the third order is written the key-value pair:

Section = Versions

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