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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.14

Automatical assignments of global IDs to modules

The scp linker automatically optimizes the setup script to reduce the efforts needed in scp files:

This is only relevant for Directories, Files, Customs and Procedures, because all other items do not belong to modules (Installation, HelpText, ...) or have to contain a ModuleID in their definition block (ProfileItem, RegistryItem, ...) .


If you only define a file and do not include it into the list ( Files = ( ... ); ) of a module, the file is automatically added to the root module. Therefore you only have to edit one scp file.

The second case is not less important. If you define in a module definition a file list like

Files = (gid_File_Only_Windows, gid_File_Only_Linux, gid_File_Only_Solaris);

you do not need to write any platform dependencies inside this definition (take care of the filenames ;-) )

If you build a Windows script, in which the definitions of gid_File_Only_Linux and gid_File_Only_Solaris do not occur, you do not have to take care of the module assignments. The scplinker automatically removes these two assignments and writes

Files = (gid_File_Only_Windows);

into the setup script in the installation set.

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