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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

Visual Class Library (VCL) Module

Project Owner: Philipp Lohmann

VCL is the current toolkit of It provides a complex control system, abstractions for system dependent API's like printing, font discovery, drawing (text and graphics) and the application main loop.

Subprojects of VCL

Part of VCL



Currently available for Unix systems only. Supports a pluggable system dependent part for VCL which enables VCL to be based on different system toolkits like gtk, Qt or the like.





A user interface element, e.g. a button. On Unix systems these are usually named widgets.


The mutex vcl protects itself with. VCL is generally not thread safe, but was made thread aware when threads began to be used within OOo. Code outside VCL must acquire the SolarMutex before calling into VCL or risk a crash.

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