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  • 10/24/2005 - Website revised to reflect current status.

Mission Statement

Groupware solutions consist of a complex mix of protocols and needs. The Groupware project (OOoGW) seeks to enhance and simplify the user's experience by offering rich groupware products, and by working closely with other groupware projects to establish standards and interoperability between these various projects and protocols. The OOoGW project seeks to provide an environment that works from within the office suite, and yet is complete enough to stand on it own. We will embrace existing open source projects and will work closely with other groups to provide the most complete, diverse and standards based groupware solution available.

Client Solutions

None currently.

Server Solutions
Active Projects

Currently the OOoGW project is not developing a native server, rather we are working with other projects. Our focus is to support and enhance those products that further the OOoGW mission.

Inactive Projects

Glow client.

Open Standards
Inactive Initiatives

Standarized Address Book Schema define an addressbook schema that is:
  • global (supports locale-specific postal addressing schemes)
  • interoperable (defines bi-directional mappings to important addressbook schemas, including vCard, mozillaOrgPerson)
  • current (supports contact addresses for all popular internet-based communications protocols, e.g. instant-messaging)
  • independent (does not use names or identifiers that imply an association with any specific software)
  • web-aware (uses URL's to reference sophisticated or "large" contact-related information outside of the addressbook schema)

Please look to the bottom of this page for the discussion list for this topic.

Open Support

Glow will support open standards for interoperability with both commercial and open-source groupware servers, including the following:

The Glow project will also seek alignment and interoperability with open-source and commercial clients such as:


First, subscribe to the groupware mailing lists that interest you.

Next, please scan the archive of the lists you joined to catch up on what's been discussed so far. To read the users archive:

You might consider introducing yourself, letting the Glow community know how you found out about the project, what your interests are, and your aspirations for Glow.

There is a link specifically relating to contributing to the Glow project. You can find the link here. For contributing to any of the fine server projects, contact them directly via the links page. If you feel you have something to contribute outside of these areas please feel free to speak up on any one of the mailing lists.

The current co-leads of the project are Bill Terry (bill@sweye[REPLACE_WITH_A_DOT]com) and Colm Smyth (

Please feel free to subscribe and to tell to the community what you know or what you would like to find in this project.

Last modified: October 24, 2005

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