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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15

Upcoming Features of the Office Scripting Framework

StarBasic Integration

Currently the “Assign Script..” dialogs have no connection with the Tools/ Configure dialog used by StarBasic. These dialogs should be integrated so all script binding management can be done from the same dialog set. It is hoped that in the future a StarBasic ScriptRuntime implementation can be developed so that StarBasic macros can be run via the Scripting Framework.

NetBeans Enhancements

The Office Scripting module for NetBeans will be enhanced to include the functionality (code completion for API) currently offered with the ODK.

The Office Scripting module will take advantage of the new project metaphor being introduced with NetBeans 4.0 (see the NetBeans Projects System - Developers Guide for more details)

Digital Signing Support

The intention is to use digital signing of script parcels to give a higher degree of security for users of these new language scripts. The Scripting Framework will be enhanced to verify the digital signatures of scripts before they are executed. Appropriate configuration settings could be added so users can control script execution.

Common Packaging Format

We will move to a common packaging format for UNO components, Office scripts, and StarBasic macros.

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