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Features of the Office Scripting Framework

Scripting Framework

Enables Office scripting in a language of your choice through support for different language Runtimes. The current release provides Java and BeanShell Runtimes. The Scripting Framework is designed to allow Runtimes for other languages (for which a UNO bridge exists) to be developed and deployed easily. Runtimes for Java based languages use the Java UNO bridge.

Script Development and IDE support

A NetBeans module is provided which can be used to create Office scripts. Scripts can be deployed to a document or to an installation (user or share area). By installing the ODK for, the user has full access to online help and code completion within any scripts they are writing.

Debugging of scripts is possible in NetBeans for Java scripts. For more information on setting up to enable debugging see Debugging Java components in NetBeans/Forte for Java

Note: The BeanShell scripting language does not support source level debugging it is not possible to debug Office scripts written in BeanShell from NetBeans. It is recommended to use the Interactive BeanShell Scripting Window when developing while BeanShell scripts.

Executing Scripts

Scripts can be executed from key combinations, selecting menu item or events (document or application). Assign dialogs (written in StarBasic) allow the user to bind scripts available in document or installation to key combination, menu items or events (document or application). Bindings can be stored in documents or an installation.


The security settings of the Scripting Framework honor the existing StarBasic security settings available in Tools -> Options -> Security Settings.

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