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Developing Scripts on the Command Line

For users who do not wish to develop their Office Scripts using an IDE there is a simple command line interface built into the Office Scripting module which can be used for the generation and deployment of Office Scripts.



The CommandLineTools class

The CommandLineTools class takes the following options (Note: Options in angle brackets "<>" are required, options in square brackets "[]" are optional):
-g [Path to Parcel directory] [options]

Generates a Script Parcel for the given the parcel directory. The parcel name will be the name of the parcel directory plus the .sxp extension.

-d <Path to Script Parcel> <Target Directory|Document>

Deploys the given Script Parcel to a directory or an document. A directory will be created with the name of the Parcel and the contents of the Parcel will be put into that directory.




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