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New keyboard shortcut configuration.

The current keyboard shortcut configuration is based on a sfx implementation that doesn't support our new components that are not sfx based. We need for accessibility a new implementation to support a better keyboard shortcut configuration, too.l

Carsten Driesner

New dialog size and a modified tab page handling.

The current standard size of the tabbed dialogues is not large enough. Due to this fact we are running into trouble especially for the CJK–version of OpenOffice / StarOffice ...

Christian Jansen

Standard printer definition

New definition of which printer will be used if a document will be printed via the direct print button in the objectbar of OO (Realized as a HTML document)

Frank Loehmann

Preview feature in dialogs

This proposal is about a Preview feature to be used in dialogs. It presents an alternative to the formerly proposed Apply button concept. ( Realized as a HTML document)

Frank Loehmann

Change mechanism for searching and creating filters

Our current mechanism to search and create filters which are registered for types is not really understandable for api user. This proposal describes a better but incompatible way to make it easier ...

Andreas Schlüns

Problems with and proposals for macro recording does not contain a macro recorder. The problems are described and some possible solutions are discussed

Mathias Bauer

Unifying the filter API for storing and exporting documents

The filter API is used for loading and storing documents, but some special export functionality is not usable through this API (f.e. Impress export filters). This proposal tries to unify all filters and their API.

Mathias Bauer

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