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Implementation and registrations of filtes

How to implement import or export filters and document loaders for

Andreas Schlüns

Mime Content Types used in OpenOffice

Description of the Mime Content Types used in OpenOffice and in StarOffice 4.x/5.x

Mikhail Voitenko

Java application "FilterUI"

Application to administrate filter configuration data of office and demonstrate using of filter api

Andreas Schlüns

Preliminary developer documention for the framework module

Some chapters of the upcoming developers manual in draft state. Some chapters are still not finished and will be added later.
Currently no diagrams and no source code snippets are provided. Java example code that illustrates the outlined concepts can be found in the api project.

You must reckon on this documentation being changed a little bit until the final release.
The current office builds still behave a little bit different than outlined in the documentation. These differences and also some known bugs are documented in a separated file.

Mathias Bauer

Documentation collection for the framework module

Its the first draft of some documentations for the framework module which describes the supported features and some internal mechanism of it.

Andreas Schlüns

Scripting Framework

This is the home page of the Scripting Framework for

Andreas Bregas

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