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Patch Contributors

Patches of are most welcome by the framework project. Those who submit patches deserve a lot of credit for dealing with a build enviornment which to say the very least can be intimating. To acknowledge the efforts of these people and the work they have put in here is a little info on them. If I have forgotten anyone here or there was omissions or something just plain wrong send an email.

Name Email Comment Issues
kendy kendy {at} A big and nice patch which improves the handling of accelerator configuration files.  64717
kendy kendy {at} Fixes a problem that the crash reporter starts although disabled by a configuration entry 65325
cmc cmc {at} Fixes a possible crash browsing in the macro dialog 67976
cmc cmc {at} Fixes a small user interface problem in the Java configuration dialog. 68018
beppec56 {at}
A nice patch which solves problems with links to external files within documents that should be send via e-Mail as PDF documents.
rail {at]
A patch which fixes problems with the russian father's name in the 'Tools-Option-OpenOffice-UserData' tab page.
kendy {at]
A patch which solves the problem that csv files stored with xls extension are opened in Writer instead of Calc 70809
cmc cmc {at} Fixes a problem where a deleted pointer was returned 71284
mmeeks mmeeks {at} Fixes problems with GTK based quickstarter 71567

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