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Old versions of OpenOffice can be downloaded here.
If you are searching for the most recent release, please visit the download webpage.

Please note:
Archived builds are unsupported and may contain security issues. It is highly recommended not to use them except when there is no better choice.

Versions 1.x-3.x (until 3.3.0)

Archive Mirror Network

The URL above will send you to the most available mirror. If it does not work, use one of the following direct links to mirrors:
GARR (Italy) - GWDG (Germany) - TU BS (Germany) - TU Chemnitz (Germany)

Versions 1.x-3.x (until 3.4.1)

Archives of the Apache Software Foundation - Incubator
Quick access: 1.x-3.3.0 English - 1.x-3.3.0 Localized - 3.4.x English - 3.4.x Localized

Versions 4.x

ASF - Archives of the Apache Software Foundation - OpenOffice

Apache Software Foundation

Apache Software Foundation

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