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Is there any way to merge a text file with separated fields (*.txt, *.csv) into a Calc file?

Text files cannot be inserted into a Calc spreadsheet, because a table or range must be specified in this OOo feature. For text files, use the Import feature instead. Reference How do I open a tab-delimited text file in a Calc spreadsheet? for more information.

External data in formats that include tables or ranges, such as web pages and spreadsheets, can be inserted into a Calc worksheet. It looks like a cool feature. I'm just learning about it too!

  1. Open a new calc sheet, and choose Insert > External Data... from the Menu Bar.
  2. In the External Data pop-up window that appears, click the [...] radio button. This pulls up yet another pop-up box, entitled Insert.
    • Browse to the file, and click on it so that its name appears in the File name field.
    • In the File type field, select the file format that matches that of the file with the table in it.
    • Click Insert. This brings back the External Data pop-up box.
  3. Now in the Available Tables/Ranges section of the External Data pop-up box, a list of tables and ranges appears. Click on a range to select it.
  4. Once a table or range is selected, you can click OK to import the data to the Calc sheet.

There is an update control option available too. Click on the Help button to see a blurb about it, and play with it to learn more. If you can add more details to this FAQ about it, please do!

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