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Compare Loan Conditions

Template for creating Balance Sheets

Compare Two Years with Graphs

Compare two years of loan payments with Graphs.

Weekly Timesheet

Calculates time entered in various cells on the sheet.


Standard Invoice template


Used to calculate loan payments with table to show individual payments.

ARM compare

compare an arbitrary ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) with a fixed loan

Calculator for Loans and Mortgages

Used to calculate payments and costs

Perpetual Calendar by Paul Gress

2nd place winner of the 2006 Template contest.

MapCharts.ots by Svatopluk Vit

5th place winner of the 2006 Template contest.

BalanceSheet1[ots] BalanceSheet1
Calendar Quarterly[ots] Calendar Quarterly
calender[ots] calender
consolidation_eng[ods] consolidation_eng
Convention Schedule[ots] Convention Schedule
DailyCalendar[ots] DailyCalendar
DailyCalendar_vl[ots] DailyCalendar_vl
Deposit Template - US DOLLAR[ots] Deposit Template - US DOLLAR
Dienstreiseausgleich_nach§26_Ziff7[ods] Dienstreiseausgleich_nach§26_Ziff7
Expense Report Template[ods] Expense Report Template
gantt_011d[zip] gantt_011d
Gantt[ots] Gantt
home_buying_estimator[ots] home_buying_estimator
Household Budget_jl[ots] Household Budget_jl
Household Budget[ots] Household Budget
Membership Fee payment status[ots] Membership Fee payment status
MonthlyBudget[ods] MonthlyBudget
MonthlyCalendar[ots] MonthlyCalendar
MonthlyCalendar_vl[ots] MonthlyCalendar_vl
OOoCalendar[ots] OOoCalendar
OpenOffice Budget Template[ots] OpenOffice Budget Template
personal-budget[ots] personal-budget
Personal Expenses Report_ct[ots] Personal Expenses Report_ct
Personal Money Management Template[ots] Personal Money Management Template
rental returns[ots] rental returns
RunningBudget[ots] RunningBudget
RunningBudget_vl[ots] RunningBudget_vl
SalaireXXX[ots] SalaireXXX
salesinvoice[ots] salesinvoice
Statistical calculator[ots] Statistical calculator
template_am[zip] template_am
Todo[ots] Todo
validation_en[ods] validation_en
wedding_planner[ots] wedding_planner
WeeklyCalendar[ots] WeeklyCalendar
WeeklyCalendar_vl[ots] WeeklyCalendar_vl
WeightTracker[ots] WeightTracker
Pleading Paper Kit[zip] Pleading Paper Template (Oregon)

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