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How to Protect a Sheet or a Cell


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Table of Contents

  1. Protection of a Sheet
  2. Protection of a cell
  3. Credits

1. Protection of a Sheet

To write-protect all of the cells of a sheet, you have to do the following:

You are not obliged to enter a password, you can simply click on the OK button to close the dialog window without typing anything. However, if you choose a password, it will be requested every time you wish to modify the cells or the sheet.

To eliminate the protection, choose Tools-Protect Document again and deselect the Sheet... or Document... option, eventually typing the password you have set, when requested.

2. Protection of a cell or of a cells group inside a document

3. Credits

Author: Sophie Gautier

Translation: Gianluca Turconi

Thanks to: Richard Holt, proofreader and OOo contributor

Integration by: Gianluca Turconi

Last modified: 24 February, 2002

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