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Introduction 1.1 - word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation tool and more 1.1 is an open, feature-rich multi-platform office productivity suite. The user interface and the functionality is very similar to other products in the market like Microsoft Office or Lotus SmartSuite, but compared to these commercial products is absolutely free.

A full description of the application can be found on the product pages at:
Word Processor Writer is a full-featured word processor. The powerful Navigator and Stylist tools make changing the formatting throughout a document a simple task.
Spreadsheet Calc provides full spreadsheet functionality incl. a huge number of statistical and scientific functions, pivot tables and charts.
Presentation Tool Impress is a full-featured presentation tool that allows to create and modify diagrams and pictures right within the application.
Drawings and Diagrams Draw is a drawing tool that supports both vector and bitmap images. The powerful Connectors allow to easily complex diagrams and org charts.
Database Access
With the database tools in users can easily access and analyze data, create complex reports or do a mail merge based on a customer database. Many open source and commercial database systems are supported.
Microsoft Office Compatibility is able to read and write Microsoft Office files. This allows users to open and save Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on their preferred platform incl. Windows, Linux and Solaris.
One-click Export to PDF 1.1 introduces the one-click PDF export feature that enables you to easily create PDF files without the need for any additional third party software. This feature makes exchanging documents in a standard "read-only" file format a trivial task. The creation of PDF files normally requires relatively expensive third party add-on tools. With this feature comes for free.
Export to Flash (.SWF) now can export presentations and drawings to the Macromedia Flash format (.swf). Thus, it's now possible to view presentations in a simple web browser that has the Flash plugin installed. Recipients and users of Flash presentations don't have to install a special viewer anymore in order to view a presentation.
Accessibility 1.1 can now be used by handicapped people - for example people with sight problems. 1.1 provides a high contrast mode, and together with additional tools (see it's even possible to use special entry devices.
Support for many native languages 1.1 introduces functionality like bi-directional and vertical writing that is required for many native languages. This allows 1.1 to be translated into Japanese, Hebrew and many other languages that have sophisticated text layout requirements. In addition the project has an increasing number of native-language projects where users can access information in their native language.
Open XML File Format
The default file format in is an open XML file format defined in a 500-page specification document. Every file is a ZIP archive containing separate XML files for the content, styles, settings and meta data. OASIS is using the file format as the basis for the creation of a industry wide standard for an open office document file format. For ordinary end users this means that the content of documents can still be accessed and used even if would go away.
API and File Format Compatible with StarOffice 7[tm] Office Suite
Since the StarOffice 7[tm] Office Suite is based on 1.1 both application suites are API and file format compatible. Sun Microsystems, Inc., the founder and main sponsor of the project, is providing support, training, enterprise tools and services for the StarOffice 7 Office Suite. More details about the relationship and the feature differences between and the StarOffice product can be found in a comparison document on the page at Other office suites that are API and file format compatible with will soon be listed on the website. In order to get your based/compatible product included in that list please contact Erwin Tenhumberg or Louis Suarez-Potts.
Macro Recorder
The new macro recorder records and automates recurring tasks. For more sophisticated programming tasks the Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used. The SDK provides libraries, tools and documentation for the Java programming language, C++, Basic, OLE and XML. The SDK is a separate download.
3rd Party Add-ons
The new add-on framework and the new deployment tool (the "pkgchk" utility) allow developers to easily include new components and 3rd party add-ons into an existing installation.
XML File Filter Tool
The new XML file filter tool makes it easy to integrate new import or export file filters that are based on XSL transformations. A popular use case for the XML filter tool is the support for the new Microsoft Office 2003 XML file formats.
ActiveX Control 1.1 comes with an ActiveX control that allows users to view documents within a browser window (Internet Explorer) on the Windows platform. The ActiveX control can also be used within native applications developed in Microsoft VisualBasic or Borland Delphi.
Support for DocBook and PDA File Formats allows users to export documents to popular file formats like DocBook or various small device file formats like AportisDoc. This gives users the possibility to carry their documents with them on their Palm Pilots and Pocket PC PDA's.
MySQL Integration now has support for MySQL databases, i.e. the open source database can be used for mail merge activities and the creation of reports. The combination of and MySQL (or another supported database) allows users to do tasks that many people used to solve by using products like Microsoft Access.
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