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Database drivers: PostgreSQL | Linux MDB | SQLite Base - Database Drivers

There are several database drivers available which enable you to access certain database types which does not have native support for. Those drivers are not (yet) part of the "official" distributions, but hosted here. If you like bleeding edge technology, download the driver if your choice, try it out, and give feedback to the author or in our development mailing list!

Note that not even the authors of the drivers would, usually, call the current versions "production quality", so the least thing you should have is a good

The postgresql SDBC Driver allows to use the postgresql database from without any other wrapper layer such as odbc or jdbc.
Linux MDB
This driver (which is in development) uses the MDBTools to provide (read) access to Microsoft Access files to Linux users of
This SDBC driver (currently in alpha state) is dedicated to giving native access to SQLite databases.

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