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Overview of Project Components


The diagram on the right shows the major functional components of the proposed bibliographic system -

  • Bibliographic Data
    • Bibliographic data import and export to common formats.
    • Internet database and catalog searching and importing.
    • Database Selection and Management.
    • Bibliographic data entry, editing, browsing and searching.
    • Copying data between documents' internal Bibliographic data and the database(s).
  • Screen presentation and handling of Bibliographic material
    • Visual marking, display of context menus, display options.
    • Insertion of citation marker (footnote / endnote or in-text) and selection of citation options.
    • Insertion of bibliographic tables and selection of options.
    • The automatic selection of initial, subsequent and Ibid citation forms.
  • Bibliographic Style management and presentation
    • Selection of bibiographic style.
    • Definition of bibliographic style (MLA APA, ASA, etc.)
    • Selection of bibliographic style options.
    • Loading and saving bibliographic style definitions.
    • Bibliographic Citation formating.
    • Bibliographic table formating.
  • Document saving and loading
    • A new bibliographic data file will be included with the document save file package that will contain the additional bibliographic data in the richer and more comprehensive MODS complaint format.

Overview of system components

The diagram below sketchout alternative arrangments for the relationship between the WordProcessor and the Bibliographic Module (the basic bibliographic API's).

See a discussion of the scheme represented in the diagram below.

wp functions

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